BBC Employee Fired After Antisemitic Rant

A high-ranking BBC employee was let go after sharing many Facebook postings with anti-Semitic material. The postings included hate speech directed against Jews.

The revelation of Dawn Queva’s anti-Semitic beliefs displayed in her Facebook posts led to her termination from her role as senior scheduling coordinator and playout planner at the BBC.

The BBC has confirmed through a representative that Queva has left the company.

Deadline captured screenshots of the alarming posts made by Queva before her Facebook profile was erased. Queva went on a racist tirade against Jews in a Facebook post, calling them “Nazi apartheid parasites” and implying that the Holocaust was an elaborate fraud.

In another thread, she was rather forthright in her assessment of the land distribution. From her point of view, some people were granted land to which they did not legally belong. Somewhat predictably, Queva had a dim view of white people, calling them a “mutant invader species.”

As detailed in the report, her employment history includes stops at Disney, UKTV, and A+E Networks.

Deadline reports that the Campaign Against Antisemitism has considered informing the authorities about the deleted articles. The organization voiced their displeasure with the regularity with which specific individuals at the BBC disseminate statements that are offensive towards Jews.

The BBC’s Jewish employees are understandably distressed by the discoveries, and it’s yet unclear if Queva will face legal consequences.

After Hamas’s surprise attack on the Jewish state on October 7th, anti-Semitic incidents spiked worldwide. The tragic attack took the lives of 1,200 Israelis and abducted 240 more, who were subsequently transported back into Gaza. To root out Hamas militants, Israel has launched military operations in the area ever since.

Several American educational institutions and news outlets have openly displayed anti-Semitism.

Former BBC host Andrew Neil claims that some of his former coworkers have voiced their displeasure with the current climate at the network, calling it disturbing and frightening. He demanded to know what had become of the BBC executives tasked with dealing with such cases, including the director general.