Barack Obama Wants New Laws To Change 2024 Outcome Before It Happens

( Former President Barack Obama is doubling down on the Democrats’ plans to rule America permanently, callinG on Monday for a new “voting rights” bill to be established before the next election.

He used the January 6 riot as an excuse for his proposal, saying that new voting legislation would prevent the “same kinds of shenanigans” we saw on the day that Congress voted to confirm electoral college votes that are widely believed to have been affected by fraudulent votes and misconduct.

During a call with grassroots activists and Democrats, along with former Attorney General Eric Holder, Obama said that the Democrats “can’t wait until the next election” or refrain from making changes for several more election cycles, claiming that there will be “real problems” for our democracy in the long term.

For the Democrats, those “real problems” are the voting public not supporting their candidates and agendas, and voting for populist candidates like President Donald Trump.

Didn’t you notice how the Democrats really stepped up their game as soon as a candidate threatened the establishment’s dominance over American politics?

Obama said that since he left the White House he has tried to refrain from weighing in o the “day-to-day scrum” of Washington, but that he thinks this issue of “voting rights” is too important to ignore. He said it’s more than a partisan bill, referencing the so-called “For the People Act.”

But he’s wrong. The For the People Act is partisan legislation pushed by Democrats that would remove voter ID and force states to adopt mass mail-in voting, despite the threat it poses to the legitimacy of American elections.

Knowing that Republicans will filibuster the bill, as it presents a serious threat to democracy and could usher in permanent Democrat rule by making it easier for illegal aliens to vote, Obama encouraged Republicans to let the bill pass with a simple majority vote.

Let’s hope they don’t do that.

Obama also suggested that he would support Democratic Senator Joe Manchin’s recent compromise bill, saying it would implement “common-sense reforms” that a majority of the public can get behind.

Yeah, let’s see…