Barack Obama Snubbed By Democrat Before Midterms

(  Last week, former President Barack Obama traveled to Phoenix, Arizona to stump for the deeply unpopular gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs and incumbent Democrat Mark Kelly. But Democrat Senator Kyrsten Sinema, who is not running in 2022, was noticeably absent from the rally.

A spokeswoman for the Arizona Democrat Party confirmed that Senator Sinema was invited to Obama’s rally but could not attend due to a prior “commitment.”

And while Sinema’s absence was noticed, it isn’t entirely surprising that she didn’t attend. In addition to not being on the ballot in this year’s midterms, Sinema has kept a very low profile in the Arizona races.

She has sent out several fundraising emails in support of her colleague Mark Kelly and hosted a fundraiser for him. But her support has been muted at best.

When it comes to Katie Hobbs, Sinema remained silent until two weeks ago when she told the Huffington Post that she voted for Hobbs during early voting.

During his stump speech in Arizona, Obama sang from the Democrat Party hymnal, accusing Republicans Kari Lake, Blake Masters, and attorney general candidate Abe Hamadeh of being “election deniers” and warning that “democracy as we know it may not survive in Arizona” if they were elected.

“That’s not an exaggeration,” the former president said of his exaggerated, fact-free comments. “That is a fact.”

Real Clear Politics polling average has Kari Lake ahead of Katie Hobbs by 1.8 points. The race is ranked as a “Toss Up” and RCP expects Republicans to hold the seat.

Likewise, the Arizona Senate seat is ranked as a “Toss Up,” with RCP projecting the Republicans will flip the seat red.

Currently, pollsters are projecting that Republicans will secure 53 seats in the US Senate, with some suggesting the GOP could hold as many as 54 seats after the election.