Barack Obama Bans Meat From Birthday Event Menu

( After former President Barack Obama totally failed to scale back his 60th birthday party in Martha’s Vineyard in accordance with the demands being made by the Centers for Disease Control and high-profile officials in the Democratic Party, the media started fawning over his meatless menu.


Bloomberg revealed how guests of the party, which saw hundreds of some of the most famous celebrities and influencers in the world attending his multi-million-dollar home for what can only be described as a COVID “superspreader” event, were treated to a meatless menu that included Spam Musubi made of plant-based “beef” and fake pork from the “Impossible” brand.

Other meatless foods included Cheesesteak Eggrolls that were made with Impossible’s fake beef, as well as fake cheese sauce sourced by Perfect Day.

That sounds…just…terrible.

Bloomberg also reported that the menu was put together by Questlove, the musician from “Roots” who is known for his strong advocation of ditching meat.

The only thing worse than the food was the guestlist. Imagine having to eat a meatless meal while partying with all the celebs who jumped on board the Biden campaign and perpetuated the Russia hoax…

Partying with Oprah Winfrey? No thanks…

A representative of the former president said that because of the spread of the Delta variant, they had decided to “significantly scale back” the event to only include close friends and family of the president, but that didn’t stop them from going ahead with the party with several hundred attendees.

And since then, the Obamas have refused to provide a comment on the party to the media.

Are you surprised by any of this?

Just imagine what the press would have said if former President Trump held a birthday party this big…and served his trademark burgers and pizza for guests.

That sounds like a party we’d like to go to.