Bannon Wants To Get “Shock Troops” Ready To Take Power

( Podcast host Steve Bannon was invited to speak at the launch party for the newly formed Association of Republican Presidential Appointees at the Capitol Hill Club last Wednesday. And in his talk, Bannon said that he wants to see an army of “shock troops” entering federal agencies in order to help Republicans retool the federal bureaucracy and institute their policies.

Over the weekend, Bannon explained NBC News what he meant about an army of “shock troops,” because clearly the term alarmed them. Bannon explained that, in order to take over the administrative state and “deconstruct it,” you have to have people who are prepared to go in and take it over as soon as a Republican president is elected.

There is no doubt one of the biggest obstacles to Trump’s agenda after he won the White House was the administrative state. These lifetime bureaucrats did everything they could to hamstring his agenda and monkey-wrench the President’s sweeping America First objectives.

On top of that, as Bannon explained to NBC News, the Trump administration was unable to fill nearly four thousand positions within federal agencies which only compounded the problem.

Jeffrey Scott Shapiro, one of the organizers of the Association of Republican Presidential Appointees, told NBC News that the organization’s goal is to better prepare Republicans to navigate the many statutes, regulations, as well as agency and departmental policies, that often inhibit them from joining federal agencies. Once the group is operational, Shapiro explained, “it could do a lot of good, not just for the Republican Party, but for the country.”

President Trump was known to rail against the permanent bureaucracy in Washington whom he believed was an obstacle to his agenda. Bannon explained that he wants pre-trained teams ready to jump into federal agencies as soon as the next Republican President is sworn into office – specifically in those positions that do not require Senate confirmation.

During his talk, Bannon also predicted “sweeping victory” both in the 2022 Midterms and in the 2024 election. Bannon also believes that Trump will win in 2024.

Wednesday’s launch party drew a crowd of about two hundred former Republican officials, most of them from the former Trump administration.