Assassination Charges To Be Dropped

( Two men who were found guilty in the trials following the assassination of Malcolm X in 1965 have just been cleared after a long new investigation – and prosecutors are reportedly preparing to toss out their wrongful convictions this week.

The Daily News revealed how a 22-month investigation by the Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance Jr., along with attorneys representing the men who were found guilty, found the men to be innocent some six decades later.

New York Daily News says that the revelation of their innocent “raised more questions than it answered,” specifically with regards to the roles that the FBI, New York Police Department, and prosecutors in Manhattan had in this miscarriage of justice.

It just goes to show how easy it is for people to be wrongly convicted in heavily politicized criminal cases.

The New York Times also reported that all three agencies involved were found to have withheld key evidence that proved the innocence of Khalil Islam and Muhammad Aziz.

Attorney Barry Scheck who worked on the investigation on behalf of the Innocence Project said that the assassination of Malcolm X was an “historic event that demanded a scrupulous investigation and prosecution” and instead of that actually produced “one of the most blatant miscarriages of justice” that he has ever seen.

Vanessa Potkin, another lawyer from the Innocence Project, added that the unearthed evidence warrants a new investigation into how the pair were “railroaded.”

A spokeswoman for the New York Police Department said that the department has “fully with the Manhattan District Attorney’s office’s recent review of the investigation and prosecution.”

Let’s hope we get some answers on this soon.