Articles Of Impeachment Filed Against Top Biden Official

( Texas Republican Rep.Pat Fallon has filed articles of impeachment against Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

According to reports,  Fallon said that the high-ranking Biden appointee had failed to deal with the crisis on the southern border.

Fallon filed the resolution on Jan. 3, the first day of the 118th Congress, but it didn’t pass until Monday night because the vote for speaker was being drawn out.

Fallon said that Mayorkas had abdicated his duties as head of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and should be removed.

The Texas Representative explained at a media event that Mayorkas’ failure created a dangerous situation, so impeachment must happen. The fact that Secretary Mayorkas might be removed from office is not due to a mistake. Mayorkas didn’t do his job as Secretary of Homeland Security and lied to Congress and the American people on purpose. He has to be removed if we want to make any progress at our southern border.

Reports show Speaker Kevin McCarthy and other House Republicans have threatened to remove Mayorkas from office because of how he handles illegal immigration.

When media outlets asked about the articles of impeachment, a DHS spokesperson stated that Secretary Mayorkas is proud to advance the noble mission of this Department, support its fantastic staff, and serve the American people. The Department would keep working to ensure the laws are followed, and the border is safe. They plan to build a secure, organized, and kind immigration system. Members of Congress can do more than point the finger at others. They should come to the table and work on fixing the broken system and old laws, which they haven’t changed in over 40 years.

If any system is broken, it is because the Biden Administration has taken a hammer to it.

The immigration laws that concern border security are already there. Unfortunately, like the previous administrations of Obama and Bush,  Mayorkas and the Biden Administration refuse to follow them.

They should all be imprisoned for human trafficking.