Archbishop Vigano Denounces The Coronavirus Vaccine: ‘There Is A Duty To Refuse It’

( Catholic Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano has taken a dramatically different approach to the COVID-19 than “devout Catholic” President Joe Biden, denouncing the jab as a part of a new agenda by the “globalist” elite.

Vigano made the comments in a furious letter sent to American Catholic bishops that was recently published by LifeSiteNews.

The well-known archbishop has previously caused waves by standing up to various Catholic Church leaders who did nothing about the abuse of children on their watch. This time, he slammed those who promote the vaccine as “absolutely immoral” and said that everyone has a duty to “refuse it categorically.”

It’s also a dramatically different take on the vaccine and the pandemic than Catholic leader, Pope Francis.

“The Note on the morality of using some anti-Covid-19 vaccines was issued last year in the absence of complete data on both the nature of the gene serum and its components,” he writes in the letter, adding that experimental drugs are not technically vaccines and that we shouldn’t ignore the effects it has on pregnant mothers and nursing children.

He said that the health authorities chose to carry out an experiment on the world population and that the entire population is now susceptible to suffering adverse effects of the vaccine because the normal protocol of the scientific community has been thrown out of the window.

“With every passing day, thousands of people are dying or are being affected in their health by the illusion that the so-called vaccines guarantee a solution to the pandemic emergency,” he said, adding that the Catholic Church has a duty before God and humanity to denounced this “tremendous and horrible crime.”

Vigano sounds like one of the bravest Catholics in the entire Church…