Apple Claims Cyber Crime Will Sweep Internet Unless They’re Allowed To Keep Monopoly Powers

( Apple really doesn’t want its users to break free from its ecosystem. It’s so desperate, in fact, that it has created an entire narrative about how the only app store on the planet that is actually safe for Apple users is its own app store, and that draft European Union rules that would force the company to open up its mobile operating system would put users in danger.

Last Wednesday, Apple ramped up its criticism of the draft rules being put forward by the EU that would allow users to install software on iPhone and iPad devices from outside of the Apple app store.

The idea behind the new rules is to stop the monopolization of the market and to ensure fair competition. It would also allow people to install apps that Apple has decided it doesn’t want on its platform, including conservative free speech networks Gab and Parler.

The Coalition for App Fairness, which includes software companies Match Group, Epic Games, and Spotify, have dismissed an argument from Apple, insisting that built-in security measures are what keep devices safe, not the App Store.

If the group is successful, Apple will be forced to finally open up its platform to competitors, meaning Epic Games will be able to provide iPhone users with an app experience for its online streaming video games. Currently, Epic Games is unable to provide this service owing to Apple’s restrictive demand for 30% of all income made through app purchases.

Apple claimed in its most recent report that if they were forced to support “sideloading” – the installation of unofficial apps – then “more harmful apps would reach users because it would be easier for cybercriminals to target them – even if sideloading were limited to third-party app stores only.”

But of course, they would say that.

The proposed legislation in the EU will need to be given the rubber stamp from Europe’s legislators, known as Members of European Parliament, and it is expected to be approved in 2023.