AOC Says Olympic Ban On Drugs Is “Racist” Against Black People

( Far-left New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made the disgraceful suggestion last week that Black people like marijuana, and that implementing a ban on marijuana for Olympic athletes is an “instrument” of racism.

What planet does this lady live on?

Last Friday, the New York congresswoman slammed rules that ban Olympic athletes from consuming recreational drugs in the run-up to the races, claiming it wasn’t just racist but even an instrument of “colonial policy.”

What does that even mean?

AOC was responding to the story of United States champion Sha-Carri Richardson, who revealed that she could not run the 100-meter race after testing positive for consuming marijuana. It meant that her first-place results in the Olympic trials were voided.

Richardson happens to be Black, and AOC seems to think that the marijuana ban is therefore…racist?

The 21-year-old athlete was handed a one-month suspension which means she will be unable to run the 100-meter race in the Tokyo Olympics, but could still run in the Women’s Relay race, as the trial for that event won’t occur until after July 27.

Maybe this time she will think twice about getting high…

On Friday, Cortez slammed the criminalizing and banning of cannabis and said that the International Olympic Committee should reconsider the suspension of Richardson and any other athletes penalized for using cannabis.

Presumably AOC thinks all of those other athletes are Black, too…