AOC-Endorsed Candidate Says All Real “Progressives” Should Support Israel

( Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) endorsed New York state Sen. Alessandra Biaggi in her newly launched bid to dethrone Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney. It was an early warning shot in a bitter primary battle that would test the strength of the activist left against a powerful incumbent. She will need to strike a delicate balance as she seeks to allay concerns over her affiliation with the far left while appeasing her progressive backers. She argues for expanding ties between Israel and Arab countries that have traditionally had a hostile relationship with the Jewish state. Ending the Israeli-Palestinian conflict should be her “number one goal,” she says.

Biaggi denounced the BDS movement as wrong, but she held back from supporting legislation that makes attempts to boycott Israel illegal. She said that people have the right to support BDS if they choose to. But she doesn’t support it and never has.
Instead, she pushed for deeper links between Israel and the many Arab nations that, until recently, have continued to boycott the Jewish state.

Biaggi stated, “I support the Abraham Accords because I am aware of the past. Regarding Arab-Israeli ties, “Normalizing relations with Sunni-Arab states is a genuinely historic step that, I think, will help keep Israel safe.”

Rep. Andrea Biaggi has called for continued U.S. aid to Israel and an end to Israeli settlement expansion in the West Bank. Pro-Israel groups are weighing in but have stayed out of the race so far. Alexis Biaggi is running for the Democratic nomination for New York’s 3rd Congressional District and accusing her opponent, Maloney, of opposing signature Democratic policies such as the Affordable Care Act. The Working Families Party has pulled its support for Maloney in favor of Biaggi, who won an upset victory over a former state senator four years ago. The Jewish community has been an “incredible source of strength” for Andrea Biaggi.

She was among the first elected officials to call for Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s resignation last year amid allegations of sexual misconduct.

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