AOC Claims Republicans Were Going To Rape Her On January 6th Despite Her Not Being At Capitol

( Far-left New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently agreed during an interview that the Capitol Hill riot on January 6 was sexually charged, with no evidence whatsoever. When asked by Dana Bash on CNN’s “Newsroom” last week about the riot, she made some pretty wild claims.

When asked about the riot, which the Democrats claim was a violent “insurrection,” AOC said that she thinks the impact of the riot was so bad because of the “misogyny and the racism” that she said was “deeply rooted” in the riot.

What about the racism, extremism, and hatred that was deeply rooted in the far-left riots that caused $2 billion in damage across America last year?

She then went on to say that the patriarchy and white supremacy are linked in a lot of ways, and that there was a “lot of sexualizing of that violence.”

Bash then asked AOC if she thought she was going to die, or if she was going to be raped, to which AOC responded, “Yeah, yeah, I thought I was.”

You can watch the clip here.

I mean, seriously?

Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson couldn’t hold in his criticism of the far-left politician, who has often used emotionally charged attacks and falsehoods to attack Republicans.

Last Thursday, Carlson went hard against AOC, telling her, “get a therapist, honey.”

Honestly, it sounds like AOC has needed a therapist for a long time.

Carlson asked if she ever stops talking about herself. We know the answer to that one.

Isn’t it incredible that AOC was under the impression – or at least claims to be – that she was about to be murdered that day, when most of the rioters were non-violent?

One non-violent protester, Ashli Babbitt, was literally shot dead by a Capitol Police officer – and according to Babbitt’s family’s lawyer, he didn’t even give her a warning before shooting.

Is AOC genuinely traumatized or is she lying to make political capital out of a tragedy?