Antifa Throw EXPLOSIVES At Police Officers In Fresh Seattle Riots

( Riots once again broke out in Seattle on Saturday, with anti-Trump activists engaging violent crime and even using explosives to attack cops. The night’s violent resulted in over a dozen people being arrested for various serious crimes.

The Seattle Police Department published photographs over the weekend showing how several buildings were damaged and graffitied, with spray paint messaging calling for the death of police officers.

Footage published on Twitter showed members of the “black bloc” – a group of Antifa extremists who cover their faces and wear black outfits so that they can commit violent crime without being identified – smashing up businesses and rioting. Black bloc activists also formed a shield wall against police officers.

Other footage shows how the Antifa activists – who overwhelmingly vote for the Democrats and never for the Republican Party – smashing up a Starbucks and even using explosives.

This is the kind of thing that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden called an “idea” and not an organization during the first presidential debate on September 29.

Seattle Police Department described how a group of rioters left Cal Anderson Park after 9 PM on Saturday and began marching north. Some members of the group vandalized and damaged property as they moved.

Then, the protesters moved to East Olive Way, where windows were shattered and explosives were thrown, putting officers in danger.

The protest was declared an unlawful assembly and issued a dispersal order, at which point law enforcement officers started to move the crowd out of the area. An explosive was then thrown at officers as protesters moved Eastbound through East Olive Way.

But we’re meant to be concerned about…pro-Trump protesters?