Anti-Trump Puerto Rico Mayor TROUNCED in Governorship Bid

( Carmen Yulin Cruz Soto, the anti-Trump mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico, got beaten badly in her recent bid to become a governor. The left-wing politician, who has relentlessly attacked President Trump, most notably over his administrations’ response to Hurricane Maria in 2017, was unsuccessful in her bid to become the Popular Democratic Party’s gubernatorial candidate.

Noticel reports that Cruz Soto admitted defeat in her bid to become the candidate, saying that “obviously the PDPD and its constituents decided another way.”

Yes, obviously they did.

“I just sent Mayor Charlie Delgado a text congratulating him on his victory today,” she added.

Oh boy, a text? How classy! What happened to the standard phone call?

The Miami Herald reported that with roughly 60% of precincts reporting on Sunday, Carlos ‘Charlie’ Delgado was leading in the race with 63% of the vote. He comfortable beat Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz and Puerto Rico Sen. Eduardo Bhatia, who took 13% and 23% of the vote share respectively.

Yulin Cruz is hardly a national political figure, but you may remember her from the comments she made back in 2017 after the hurricane hit Puerto Rico. She rather lazily accused President Donald Trump’s administration of not doing enough, and then went on to say he “killed Puerto Ricans with neglect.”

That’s certainly a reason why you might remember an otherwise underwhelming and ineffective politician.

“The Trump administration led us to believe that they were helping when they weren’t really up to par,” she said at the time. “Shame on President Trump. Shame on President Trump for not even once, not even yesterday, saying, ‘Look, I grieve for the people of Puerto Rico.’ Shame on him.”

It wasn’t just Americans that noticed her attempt at using the hurricane for her own political gain. The people of Puerto Rico notices it too, which is possibly why she got such a terrible result in the race to become the PDP’s candidate for governor.

Puerto Rico’s Secretary of State, Luis Rivera Marin, slammed Yulin Cruz during a Fox News interview saying she had “politicized” the hurricane.

Yulin Cruz can say what she likes about Trump, but he seems to know what the people want and she evidently does not.