Another “Life-Threatening” Incident Regarding Alec Baldwin Comes To Light

( An actor from the “Rust” production that hit the news earlier this month when it was revealed that actor and producer Alec Baldwin had shot dead a cinematographer on set has come out to talk about his experience.

Ian A. Hudson, a New Mexico-based actor who was involved in a different scene involving firearms on the set of “Rust,” told media outlet TMZ about his “life-threatening” experience working with Alec Baldwin.

He’s one of a number of members of the cast and crew who have spoken out about the experience, which saw Baldwin failing to check his gun before firing at his coworker – only to discover the gun was loaded with live ammunition.

Hudson, who played an outlaw who is gunned down in the movie, said that he noticed many things that he considered were unsafe while filming his own death scene. He added that there were cameras and crew members positioned behind him on the set, in the direction of real guns that were loaded with blanks.

It means that had any of those blanks been fired at too short a range or had live ammunition been accidentally loaded into the guns, more people would have been injured or killed.

“That made me question me being in front of the camera and in between all of that fire,” he TMZ “When the rounds were released — when they shot at me — I actually did feel the blanks hitting my face and my body, and I could feel the wind from the shotgun being discharged.”

He added that other members of the crew said that they felt a sense of danger on the set because of all the munitions that were being discharged.

He also told TMZ that he didn’t complain about the dangerous conditions on the set because he is new to the business and didn’t want to be singled out as a problem, or risk struggling to find new work in the future.

Just how badly – and dangerously – organized was this Alec Baldwin production?