Amy Klobuchar Requests Ending The Filibuster, Removing It Once And For All

( Joe Biden isn’t the only Democrat to indulge in over-the-top hyperbole. In an interview on MSNBC, Minnesota Democrat Senator Amy Klobuchar claimed that the Senate must end the filibuster to pass the inappropriately-named “For the People Act” because it is “literally a quest to save our democracy.”

None of these Democrats know what the word “literally” means.

Passing a massive unconstitutional Federal power grab to deprive states of their constitutional authority to determine their own election law using the budget reconciliation process is the furthest thing in the world from “literally a quest to save our democracy.”

But Democrats are desperate. And in their desperation, they become histrionic and overly dramatic.

Klobuchar is chairing a Senate hearing on Georgia’s new election law the purpose of which, she admits to MSNBC, is to pressure West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin and Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema, along with other skittish Democrats, into abolishing the filibuster in order to pass the “For the People Democrats Act.”

In other words, the hearing isn’t about the Georgia law; it’s a political pressure campaign to badger Democrats into supporting blowing up the filibuster.

Klobuchar told MSNBC that “there is evidence directly from our colleagues that getting evidence from voters and bringing it back with us I think that’s very important too.”

Leaving aside that this statement doesn’t make any sense, bringing a bunch of anti-voter integrity advocates before the Senate to go on about “Jim Crow” and “Voter Suppression” and “Keeping Black People from Voting” is not “evidence.” It’s just more histrionics.

An overwhelming majority of Americans support voter ID laws – in some surveys by over 80 percent. The Democrats know they can’t make the case to the voting public, so instead, they’re staging farcical “hearings” to put pressure on their Senate colleagues to blow up the filibuster over a law that is flat-out unconstitutional.

Rather than “literally a quest to save our democracy,” this sounds more like a quest to obtain permanent political power in complete defiance of the will of the people.