America’s Got Talent Judge Clarifies What Led to Wife’s Fall

The circumstances surrounding his wife’s fall in Las Vegas are explained by Howie Mandel, who stresses that she was not drunk but somewhat under the influence of marijuana gummies.

The “America’s Got Talent” judge revealed the real story behind his wife Terry’s facial cuts and bruises that occurred in their Las Vegas hotel room.

It all started when Howie said on “Live With Kelly and Mark” that his wife was feeling a little tipsy from a night of heavy drinking. Dispelling any suspicion of an alcohol issue, Howie claims that Terry’s mishap was only the consequence of eating some cannabis gummies and tripping over the bed. According to Howie, he first avoided saying she was high and instead used the word “tipsy” to describe how she generally felt– it seems that marijuana has surpassed alcohol in terms of societal acceptability. 

Many on social media have suggested that the misfortune be leveraged into an endorsement deal for gummies. However, others point out that having a bloodied face as the face of your company is not exactly the wisest advertising strategy.

Following Terry’s injuries and the disarray in their hotel room, the comedian said that there were whispers of domestic abuse. Despite Howie’s funny and good-natured take on the entire incident, Terry’s injuries are not a laughing matter. After she fell, she was left in a pool of blood with two black eyes and a massive gash on her forehead.

As the comic said, instead of summoning medical help to their room, the hotel dispatched multiple security officers. His wife had been watching “Snapped” on TV just before she fell, so he made a sarcastic remark about how bad things looked.

Terry was eventually brought to the hospital, and according to Mandel, she has totally recovered, adding that she is perfect and beautiful. 

No scar can be seen.