Americans Stand Up To Joe Biden On Camera, Screaming At Him

( President Joe Biden really, really isn’t as popular as he seems to think he is.

As the aging and reportedly senile president was seen surveying damage from recent storms in New Jersey, passersby noticed he was there and literally began screaming at him.

A multitude of videos was posted on social media showing people shouting at the president over his horrific handling of the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan. One man can be heard shouting, “you leave Americans behind!”


The president didn’t even have the guts to turn around and speak to the man. He knows how badly that would go.

As the man and a number of other people shouted at the president in disgust, the president’s security moved the car around him and Biden just walked away.

He just has zero respect for anybody. The Fuhrer doesn’t need to answer to the people…

Here’s another clip in which a New Jersey man can be heard accurately describing the president as a tyrant.

He also called on Biden to resign, but we all know that isn’t going to happen.

Is this the way people respond to the “most popular presidential candidate in American history?”

We think not.