American Elite Sing Xi Jinping’s Praises

A report shows that many people in the United States found this week’s visit to San Francisco by Chinese President Xi Jinping to be completely unappealing.

Reports show that videos showing streets with Chinese flags wavers lining U.S. sidewalks shocked many people. Not a single American flag was held by any individual.

President Xi was in the United States for various reasons, including a dinner with several of the country’s top business executives. He was eventually welcomed pretty warmly by President Joe Biden.

A report claims that Xi was at a lavish dinner with prominent American business executives in an effort to help calm the escalating tensions between the United States and China. Business leaders attending the event included Apple’s Tim Cook, BlackRock’s Larry Fink, Boeing, FedEx, Pfizer and many others.

The rhetoric surrounding the dinner, which took place in the heart of San Francisco, reflected the tone set by the attendees, who granted Xi a standing ovation as he appeared on stage.

Other reports reveal that the overall tone of the meal looked to be one of worship and fawning of Xi, albeit his supposed charm seems to have not succeeded with everyone.

An unidentified businessman stated that Xi showed no signs of business-friendly policies or enthusiasm for further foreign investment in China. He thought that President Xi’s speech was complete CCP propaganda.

During Chinese communist ruler Xi Jinping’s first visit to San Francisco since 1985, Governor Newsom swept clean the city’s streets of garbage, the homeless, open-air drug use, and other crimes.

A report shows that President Xi’s visit was able to entice a number of other people in San Francisco who claimed to support him, but it turned out that their attendance was completely staged. There are reports of the Chinese communist dictatorship paying each of them several hundred dollars to appear on the streets.