American Airlines Passenger Duck-Taped To Seat

( Incredible video footage shows a woman with green hair duct-taped to a seat on an American Airlines flight and even gagged around the mouth with duct tape, screaming at people as they left the plane.

The shocking footage was recorded by a passenger on a flight on July 6 from Dallas to Charlotte. Uploaded to TikTok and quickly shared to a plethora of other social media platforms, the footage shows a woman clearly having some kind of episode, screaming and shouting at people, trying to break free from the duct tape.

But this wasn’t a kidnapping. It appeared to be an effort to save everybody else on board the plane.

According to a report by The Daily Mail, TikTok user Arieana Mathena described how a commotion could be heard at the front of the plane, with crew members running up and down the aisles during the flight, appeared stressed.

Check out the video below:

As time went by, the pilot was eventually forced to make an announcement from the cockpit, warning passengers to stay in their seats and describing a “problem” at the front of the plane.

A statement from American Airlines revealed that during the flight, there was a “potential security concern” when the passenger began trying to open the front boarding door. She physically assaulted people, including members of staff, and bit one flight attendant as she scrambled to try and open the doors mid-flight.

The statement added that to protect the passengers and the crew, the passenger was restrained until the plane landed and she could be met by law enforcement officials and medical professionals. The footage shared on social media appeared to be the end of the flight when passengers were disembarking and medical professionals coming to the scene.

Reports suggest that the woman has since been taking to a hospital where she is undergoing a mental health evaluation.

With the green hard, we could go wild and make an assumption about her political beliefs. But let’s not go there…