Allen West’s Wife Did Not Swerve Despite Being Pulled Over, Bodycam Footage Shows

( Angela West, the wife of Texas GOP chairman Allen West, did not in fact “sway” during a field sobriety test, despite reports suggesting otherwise.

West was asked by Dallas police last summer to move her car, which had a three-month-old baby inside, during a traffic stop. According to experts, the request proves claims that West was inebriated wrong – as police officers wouldn’t ask somebody to move their car if they believe they are drunk.

Bodycam footage of the incident, which was obtained by Just The News through an open records request, shows how officers administered a breathalyzer and then expressed some surprise that she was not above the legal limit.

Former Commission of the New York Police Department Bernard Kerik reviewed all of the footage and said that it raises disturbing questions about whether West’s arrest was even warranted in the first place.

Hear that, Democrats?

“The whole thing stinks of harassment or abuse of power,” Kerin said.

He explained that when West was first pulled over at the side of the road, the officer told her to go ahead and move her car.

“If the officer actually thought she had been drinking and was impaired not to drive her car, she wouldn’t have told her to go around the corner and park somewhere else,” he added.

You can see the footage for yourself here.

Is this a coordinated smear on the wife of a major Republican figure? Or is it an example of genuine racism from the police, pulling over a black woman for no reason?