Alex Jones Warns That Trump’s Life Is In Danger

( Last Sunday, InfoWars host Alex Jones claimed that the Deep State might try to assassinate former President Donald Trump if it looks like he is poised to win in 2024, the UK Independent reported.

Jones was responding to Trump’s rally speech in Waco, Texas last Saturday, saying while he still has issues with the former president, he thought Trump’s vitriolic speech was “hardcore,” and suggested that Trump’s warnings about ending the Deep State’s “reign” if he is elected president again might frighten the Deep State that controls the world.

Jones said the Deep State is “scared” of Trump and “hates his guts,” viewing him as a rival to their power. He said Trump’s rally speech showed that he is “awake” to what is happening, adding that he likes what Trump had to say.

Jones said Trump’s speech delivered “more hardcore stuff” than anything else Trump has said in the last seven years, adding that he thinks the Deep State will probably try to “assassinate him or something.”

He suggested that if Trump is poised to win the election, he thinks the Deep State will try to “shoot him” or blow up his plane.

Jones went on to suggest that voters have no other choice in 2024 other than Donald Trump.

While Jones’ suggestion that Trump might be assassinated is a bit extreme, there is no doubt that the justice system is being used as a weapon against him.

In an abrupt and unexpected move on Thursday, the Manhattan grand jury voted to indict the former president, the Associated Press reported.

While the indictment remained under seal on Friday the charges likely stem from the 2016 hush money payment to Stormy Daniels.

Prosecutors said they were working with Trump’s lawyers to coordinate the former president’s surrender, which will likely happen any day.

Sources told the Associated Press that Manhattan prosecutors had asked Trump to surrender on Friday, but his lawyers said the Secret Service required additional time to make security preparations to move Trump to New York.