Alex Jones Says He Supports Ron DeSantis For 2024

( Last week, host Alex Jones said he would support Florida Governor Ron DeSantis if he ran for president in 2024.

Jones admitted that he once “pig-headedly supported” Trump even in light of Trump’s efforts to develop the COVID vaccines in 2020 because Jones thought it was important to prevent Biden from winning.

But now, Jones said, if Ron DeSantis runs in 2024, he will support DeSantis, explaining that the Florida powerhouse governor has “gone from being awesome to being unbelievably good.”

Jones said DeSantis is what Trump should have been like.

Ron DeSantis, Jones explained is “better than Trump. Way better than Trump.”

Alex Jones isn’t alone in this assessment. But because Jones is who he is, the Left is appalled that Governor DeSantis has won the support of a man they always describe as a “conspiracy theorist.”

Leftist blue-checks on Twitter seized on Alex Jones’ comments as a way to smear DeSantis as being “dangerous.”

Did any of these upset Leftists express horror when noted White Supremacist Richard Spencer endorsed Joe Biden in 2020?