Alan Dershowitz Says The Deep State Is Trying To Nail Trump On Obstruction Charges

( In a recent interview, attorney Alan Dershowitz suggested that the Justice Department may be looking to charge former President Donald Trump with obstruction of justice.

Appearing on Newsmax’s “America Right Now” on Saturday, Dershowitz discussed the latest leaks and court developments stemming from the FBI’s August raid of Mar-a-Lago and suggested that the only possible case the Justice Department could make against Trump is for obstruction of justice, not “mishandling of classified information.”

Dershowitz said the only way to get a conviction on obstruction of justice is to demonstrate that there was “willful and deliberate destruction of subpoenaed material.” However, Dershowitz added that at this point, there doesn’t appear to be evidence of that.

Citing the “empty envelopes” that supposedly contained classified material, Dershowitz said if the DOJ can show that Trump destroyed the contents, “that would be obstruction of justice.” But Dershowitz conceded that this is “total speculation at this point.”

Dershowitz also noted that it would be easy to get a DC grand jury to indict Donald Trump. However, the more important question is whether the charge is serious enough to justify taking such an action against a former president and a future possible presidential candidate.

Watch the interview HERE.