Airline Apologizes After What Video Shows On Plane

Southwest Airlines was forced to issue a statement after a passenger aboard a flight from Baltimore to Fort Lauderdale went into a rage over a crying baby and launched into a profanity-laced tirade that was captured on video and posted to social media last week, CBS News reported.

Mark Grabowski, the passenger who recorded the mid-air meltdown, told CBS News that severe weather had forced the flight to remain in a holding pattern when the infant wouldn’t stop crying.

Grabowski said one passenger, already annoyed that the baby was crying so much went into a rage “out of nowhere,” demanding that the baby “shut the [explitive] up.” He said he and a couple of other passengers tried to calm the man down, but the man only got angrier.

In the viral video, the unidentified man is seen asking the flight attendant to “calm the child down,” saying he was sleeping with headphones on.

When asked to lower his voice, the man argued that he wasn’t screaming, then asked if they wanted to hear him scream. He promptly started screaming and swearing, saying the passengers are all in “a [explitive] tin can [explitive] echo chamber” with a baby that won’t stop crying.

The man demanded that someone lower the baby’s voice, adding that he paid for a comfortable flight and the baby had been crying “for 40 minutes.”

According to Grabowski, the flight attendants moved the mother and baby to another part of the plane as crew members tried to calm the raging man down. Eventually, a crew member was instructed to contact authorities.

The man was removed from the flight and met by police inside the terminal. According to CBS News, he was not placed under arrest.

In a statement, Southwest Airlines praised the flight crew for its “outstanding professionalism” in handling the angry passenger. The airline thanked the passengers for their patience while having to deal with “the unacceptable behavior.”