Actor-Comic Joe Piscopo Mocks Biden, Calls Gaffes ‘Dangerous’ 

Actor Joe Piscopo has said that President Biden’s frequent verbal gaffes are “dangerous” and the Democrats should consider an alternative Presidential candidate. Piscopo hosts a New York City radio show and, during a recent interview, said he feels sorry for the President because he speaks “gibberish” and the Democrats are in denial about it. “It’s dangerous because we are in a very perilous world,” he added. 

Regarding Donald Trump, Piscopo predicted that the former President would trounce Biden in upcoming debates and likely be at the “top of his game.” He suggested Trump should take it easy and allow Biden to speak, thereby revealing his weaknesses. Mr. Piscopo furthermore indicated that the Democrats will keep a close eye on his performance and consider an alternative before the campaign enters its final stages. 

The President recently came under fire again when he appeared to freeze at an event in Los Angeles and while visiting Europe to commemorate the D-Day landings. During an aerial and parachute display in France, President Biden wandered away appearing confused, prompting Italian Prime Minister Georgia Meloni to follow him and guide him back for group photographs. 

At a fundraising event in Los Angeles, critics say the President froze on stage, forcing Barack Obama to lead him out of the limelight. The White House furiously denied the accusation and said Biden merely stood still for several seconds to acknowledge the audience’s applause. 

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre blamed manufactured videos and artificial intelligence for inaccurate portrayals of the President. Jean-Pierre told reporters that Republicans are “desperate” and have resorted to “cheap fakes” to undermine Biden’s campaign. 

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, who was present during the incident in France, also denied that Biden had walked away in confusion. He claimed the US President left the immediate area to greet a parachutist and thank them for the display. 

Nevertheless, other sources stated that President Biden had struggled with the heat in France and several times sat down to rest.