A New Glimpse Of Epstein’s Secret Island

(JustPatriots.com)- It’s been over two years since disgraced billionaire Jeffrey Epstein died, but the media’s obsession with the guy is alive and well. The world could get wiped out by a nuclear war and the only things that would keep on chugging along are cockroaches and articles about Jeffrey Epstein.

Last week, the UK Independent published a lengthy article about Jeffrey Epstein’s island estate. What was the upshot of this explosive report? Not much has changed there.

That’s it. That’s the scoop. Little has changed at Epstein’s estate on Little St James.

Stop the presses!

The only changes reported are little things, like the large decorative sundial has been removed, along with some other sculptures, statues, and the etched initials “JE” on the side of one of the outbuildings described as a “temple.”

Other than small changes, aerial photos taken this month show the island estate is largely unchanged.

Wealthy buyers are showing some interest in buying both of Epstein’s islands, Great St James and Little St James. According to the Miami Herald, several interested parties who want to use the estate as a private residence have been making competing offers.

Epstein’s estate lawyer Daniel Weiner has confirmed “two to three bona fide offers” for both Great St James and Little St James. Problem is, Denise George, the attorney general for the US Virgin Islands froze Epstein’s assets and is seeking a court order to seize his property.

Weiner said no buyer will want to sign a contract to purchase the property while the attorney general’s liens prevent it from being sold.

The costs to the estate make selling the property prohibitively expensive, Weiner added. Until the legal battle between Denise George and the estate is settled, the co-executors don’t want to incur the costs necessary for marketing a property that can’t be sold.

A source recently told the New York Post that Little St James may be free to go on the market sometime next year.

In the meantime, and this can’t be stressed enough, little has changed at Epstein’s island estate.