A New Axis Is Forming Against The United States

(JustPatriots.com)- The 19fortyfive website reports that after nearly a decade of externally fueled civil war in the Donbas, the conflict changed on February 24th, 0600 Moscow time. Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a “special military operation” to “de-Nazify Ukraine.” Within minutes, explosions from over 100 missiles flared across Ukraine and struck military facilities in Kyiv, Kharkiv, and Dnipro.

Sino-Russian relations represent a rollercoaster ride from close coordination in the Chinese Civil War to nuclear threats in the Sino-Soviet border crisis of 1969. The two powers share aggressive parallel war objectives comparable to the Axis of World War II. China scrupulously drew itself closer to Russia as an axis of convenience and expanded the purchase of raw materials from its partner.

The Japanese based their decision to join the alliance on faulty intelligence on the European military situation; they considered Germany on the verge of an outright victory against lone Britain in 1940. Japan, unaware of the imminent invasion of the Soviet Union, concluded a neutrality pact with Moscow contrary to Germany’s wishes. Russia and China ostensibly employ clarity in their pursuits, but only the future will tell whether strategic convenience or parallel objectives define their partnership. The Axis earned a failing grade for its conduct of coalition warfare; they distrusted one another too much to coordinate militarily. Ponderous non-coordination characterized the Axis alliance as they failed to form an equivalent to the Allied Combined Chiefs of Staff.

The Sino-Russian relationship portrays a peripheral purpose of revanchism but remains possibly exploitable due to differing strategic visions. India’s strategic significance remains as vital as in World War II; reliant on Russian military technology and energy, it stands in the middle of hardening alliances. A classical geopolitical foe of China, India must be courted by NATO and utilized to deter Chinese aggression. The non-started attempt to block the foundational Allied dominant trade routes and relations resulted in the continuation of Allied supplies to General Montgomery and tipped the balance for the Commonwealth forces at El Alamein.

The Ukrainian invasion’s strategic blunder has reduced Russia’s ability to challenge NATO and entrenched China as the U.S.’s principal geopolitical rival. China opportunistically got closer to Russia as an axis of convenience and expanded raw material purchases from its partner, offsetting Western sanctions. The two powers have aggressive parallel war goals like WWII’s Axis. The Axis failed to wage coalition warfare, which helped decide WWII’s conclusion.

The reinforced Sino-Russian Axis needed explicit strategic action to stop the Ukrainian War and dissuade Taiwan’s invasion.