A Double Mask Mandate Has Just Been Ordered

(JustPatriots.com)- Last week, Philadelphia mayor Jim Kenney issued several new COVID-related dictates under the guise of protecting public health. In addition to imposing a citywide mask mandate for indoor businesses and restaurants that do not require proof of vaccination for entry, Kenney also ordered that all unvaccinated city employees must now double-mask at all times.

Kenney had already mandated that every city employee be required to get vaccinated against coronavirus. But those who have not done so by September 1 will now be required to wear a cloth mask over a disposable surgical mask at all times while working on-site.

What’s more, from here on out, those who are not vaccinated will not even be considered for any job with the city of Philadelphia. As a condition of employment, any new, incoming city employees must be vaccinated to get the job.

In its press release announcing the new measures, the city noted that residents have a “25-fold reduction” in their risk for either hospitalization or death if they are vaccinated.

The double-masking mandate for city employees is based on a lab experiment conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention earlier this year. This experiment used simulated respiratory breaths instead of actual living breathing humans and determined that placing a cloth mask over a medical mask, or using a medical mask with knotted ear loops and tucked-in sides decreased the exposure to potentially infectious aerosols by about 95 percent.

Absent from all of these dictates, however, is any acknowledgement of the natural immunity of those who contracted COVID and recovered. In fact, the existence of natural antibodies through previous infection from COVID is largely absent from every vaccination restrictions or guidelines throughout the country.

New York City has imposed a mandatory vaccine “passport” system that bars anyone who has not been fully vaccinated from entering any indoor location. No exceptions to this mandate exist – not medical exceptions nor exceptions for those with natural immunity.

On Wednesday, Philadelphia Mayor Kenney tweeted that “the science is clear.” But the fact that he refuses to consider an exception for those with natural immunity pretty much disputes that claim.