88% of Voters Think Parents Should Have More Say On Schools

(JustPatriots.com)- In the wake of reports that far-left Attorney General Merrick Garland has called on the FBI to treat angry parents as “domestic terrorists,” just for exposing and opposing the teaching of Critical Race Theory in our nation’s schools, a new poll shows that the overwhelming majority of parents believe that they should be involved in their own children’s education.

The Rasmussen Reports poll found that some 88% of respondents believe that it is essential for parents to be involved in determining what their children are taught in school.

Only 10% of parents said that it is only “somewhat important” for parents to be involved.

It flies in the face of the attitude and the intentions of the United States federal government, which appears to be assisting politically motivated school boards in implementing the teaching of racist Critical Race Theory in our classrooms.

Most respondents in the same poll also said that protests by parents are “clearly protected by the First Amendment,” once again proving the unpopularity of Merrick Garland’s plan to treat parents as domestic terrorists.

Maud Maron, a candidate for New York City council and a former prosecutor, said that parents have the right to “speak passionately and publicly about our children’s education,” including posting on social media, writing letters, submitting op-eds to newspapers, organizing protests, and even showing up to school board meetings.

That bit should be obvious, shouldn’t it?

When an overwhelming majority of the country sides with parents, why is the Biden administration so willingly siding against them?