66 of 84 Nursing Home Residents Infected with Coronavirus in San Antonio

(PatrioticPost.Com)- As the coronavirus continues to spread across the United States, medical professionals are working their hardest to ensure the virus doesn’t reach the nursing homes and facilities housing elderly and vulnerable people. In a care home in San Antonio, their worst nightmare struck this week, when it was announced that 66 of the 84 residents in their facility have been diagnosed with COVID-19.

It was reported that one elderly man also died earlier in the week as a result of contracting the disease.

The sad news was announced on Thursday by Mayor Ron Nirenberg, telling the media that 66 residents are infected and that the disease quickly began to spread in the facility after an initial 14 residents were found to have test positive. It took just one day after those 14 people were tested for 66 to become infected.

San Antonio Express-News reported that 11 people in the Southeast Nursing and Rehabilitation Center tested negative, and two tests were inconclusive. Six employees also tested positive for the virus, making the situation in the home extremely serious.

The local newspaper also reported that the facility has been in trouble in the past for not meeting important health standards. In the past, it has “fallen short of federal standards on staffing levels and health inspections,” the news outlet claimed, and was cited in recent months for “failing to adhere to proper infection protocols and medically neglecting a resident.”

Referencing the many failings of the facility, the Express-News claimed, “In October, [federal regulators] cited the facility after two nursing assistants failed to wash their hands after cleaning a resident’s rectal area and patted the person dry with a contaminated towel.”

“Another resident’s oxygen tubing was improperly stored, a violation that put those receiving oxygen support at the facility at risk of respiratory infections,” the outlet continued.

What does this mean? Well, it means that the residents of the facility were likely let down by employees who weren’t following protocol. It also means that other facilities across the country aren’t necessary at any greater risk than they were previously, so long as medical and care staff follow protocol.