500 U.S. Troops Removed From Military Over COVID

(JustPatriots.com)- It seems that the recent ruling against President Joe Biden’s unconstitutional vaccine mandate for businesses with more than 100 employees didn’t make him stop and think about whether mandating vaccines was an ethical idea. According to new reports, over 500 active-duty members of the United States military have been discharged for refusing to comply with the federal vaccine mandate put in place by the president.

Some 45 members of the Navy have been discharged, 399 members of the Marines and 111 from the Air Force have been discharged according to data released by each branch of the military. The Army confirmed that nobody has been “involuntarily separated” from their work for refusing to take the vaccine, though six leaders within the Army have been relieved and over 3,000 general officer reprimands have been handed out.

The official data from the army shows how only 6 permanent medical exemptions have been approved, and 656 have been disapproved.

More shockingly, zero permanent religious exemptions have been granted. 266 were disapproved and 2,910 were requested.

A recent lawsuit filed by Republican Governors Mike Dunleavy of Alaska and Greg Abbott of Texas could offer some hope for those soldiers who have so far been discharged, however. The suit argues that the mandates slapped on National Guard troops is unconstitutional, and should the courts find that it is, the decision could have ramifications throughout the rest of the United States military.

The case depends on whether or not the Secretary of Defense has the legal authority to require members of the National Guard to take the vaccination under Title 32 of the U.S. Code.