18k People To Flood Border After Important Rule To Be Dropped

(JustPatriots.com)- May 23 could mark a very terrible day for those who are trying to uphold security at America’s southern border.

If President Joe Biden doesn’t do anything by that day, Title 42 will expire. That immigration provision was related to public health and allows migrants to be deported on an expedited basis.

On Monday, House Republicans blasted Biden at a press conference, saying that the situation at the southern border is sure to get even worse if Title 42 is allowed to expire.

Kevin McCarthy, the minority leader in the House, said that the southern border’s crisis has already become a national security issue. It’s allowing drug cartels to operate and is making “every county a border county.”

McCarthy also said that when he and some of his colleagues in the GOP visited the border a few months ago, some illegal immigrants told them they were trying to come to America because Biden had said publicly that he would be more lenient toward them than former President Donald Trump had been.

Upon taking office in January 2021, Biden undid a lot of what Trump had put into place in regard to border security and immigration. That has resulted in nothing short of a disaster at the southern border — and there doesn’t seem to be any end in sight.

At the press conference’s question-and-answer section, McCarthy said:

“[The] border crisis goes down to the foundation of your nation. It goes down to the security of your nation. It goes down to the human trafficking. It goes down to fentanyl. There are so many elements to hear.

“And you listen to a president, he said he wants a secure border, so that much that put his vice president in charge — who has only been to it one time … To a president has been in office more than 42 years, and the closest I’ve ever found that he came [to the southern border] was in a car driving by El Paso.”

McCarthy continued by saying that the illegal immigrants told him directly that they came to the border “because Joe Biden invited us.” They believed that what the president was saying about his approach to immigration was actually an open invitation for anyone to come who wanted to.

The House Republican leader isn’t the only one who thinks the expiration of Title 42 would be a disaster for southern border security. Rodney Scott, the chief of U.S. Border Patrol, recently said America would see a “tsunami” of illegal immigrants that will “keep coming and coming and coming” after Title 42 expires.

And John Katko, a Republican congressman from New York, went off on Biden for his policies regarding immigration. He specifically was worried about illegal drugs when he said:

“Anytime in this country you hear of a drug overdose death, whether it be in Topeka, Kansas, or Syracuse, New York, my hometown, you have to understand that every single community is a border a community, and every single state is a border state because the poison that’s coming across our borders. That’s much more easy (sic) to do because of the number illegal aliens coming across is making it impossible to stop and it’s killing kids all over the country.”