11 Arrested For Mocking Soccer Players Over “Racism”

(JustPatriots.com)- Back in July, three of England’s soccer players became the target of online abuse after England’s defeat to Italy in the final of the European Championship at London’s Wembley Stadium.

Team members Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka, all of whom are black, incurred the wrath of English soccer fans after they missed penalty shots and lost the game.

Considering the fact that English soccer fans are often called “hooligans,” this kind of angry catcalling seems par for the course. But because the players are black, and the attacks were labeled “racist abuse,” Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a few days after the game that any fan with “a history of online racist abuse” would be banned from attending soccer matches.

Twitter joined in the pile-on, permanently banning over a thousand accounts in response to the online barrage of attacks.

But apparently banning them from games or Twitter wasn’t enough for the UK. Last Thursday, British police started arresting people in connection to what, in the grand scheme of things, is a non-story.

Working with social media companies, the UK Football Policing Unit (yeah, really) identified 207 “criminal social media posts” – 123 of them belong to individuals who do not live in the UK. For those living within the UK, the Football Policing Unit passed the relevant user data on to local police forces who began making arrests. So far eleven people have been arrested on suspicion of malicious communications. And they’re still waiting on information for an additional 50 people.

Now, those 123 non-UK “criminal social media posters” aren’t off the hook. The UK Football Policing Unit passed their information along to the relevant countries just in case the relevant countries want to arrest them as well.

The Chief Constable of Cheshire, Mark Roberts, sounding every bit like he just apprehended a terrorist cell, told reporters that for the people who think they can hide behind a social media profile “and get way with such abhorrent comments, they need to think again.”

The ages of those arrested range from 18 to 63. They’ve either been released while under further investigation, or have posted bail with orders to return to court on a later date.

Hard to believe this is the same country that held off Hitler during the Blitz. What on earth happened to them?