100 Priests Come Out Of Closet

(JustPatriots.com)- Last week in Germany 125 Catholic church workers, including priests, teachers, and church volunteers launched OutInChurch, a movement calling for the Catholic Church to accept LGBT people and allow them to work within the church openly without discrimination.

OutInChurch is responding to the hundreds of reports of Catholic school teachers and administrators, priests, church workers, and others employed in Catholic institutions getting fired from their positions for being gay.

By Monday, it was reported that over 63,000 people endorsed the movement by signing onto OutInChurch’s petition to end workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation within the Catholic church.

The group also released a documentary called “How God Created Us: Coming Out in the Catholic Church” in which about one hundred LGBT German church workers tell their stories.

OutInChurch believes sexual orientation shouldn’t be seen as a breach of loyalty, nor should it be used as a justification for firing people from their job in the church. In their manifesto, OutInChurch is asking that the Catholic Church revise its statements on sexuality based on “theological and human-scientific findings.”

The group not only wants workplace discrimination to end, but it also wants the Catholic church to be held accountable for its years of past discrimination against the LGBT community.

Needless to say, other left-leaning Catholic organizations in Germany are backing the movement, including the Central Committee of German Catholics, the Catholic German Women’s Association, the Association of German Catholic Youth.

Several bishops in Germany have also called on the Catholic Church in Germany to revise its employment policies to eliminate discrimination against LGBT people.

The Global Network of Rainbow Catholics has also endorsed OutInChurch.

In recent years, the Catholic Church has taken a more lenient position on the issue of homosexuality with some priests and parishes defying the Vatican and conducting same-sex unions.

Two bishops in Germany last year offered their support for a “pastoral blessing” for same-sex couples.