Joy Behar Makes Embarrassing Blunder While Attacking Trump

( Bitter cat lady Joy Behar’s Trump Derangement Syndrome has clearly eaten away the part of the brain that detects glaring hypocrisy.

During a segment of The View after President Biden’s Geneva Summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Behar praised ABC News reporter Rachel Scott for what Behar said gave Putin a lesson in what a free press looks like.

During the post-summit press conference, Rachel Scott was the reporter who brought up Alexei Navalny’s imprisonment and how the Kremlin has outlawed Navalny’s opposition organization calling it “extremist.” Then Scott asked Putin “what are you so afraid of?”

When Putin finished his response, Scott accused him of not answering her question, then again accused him of imprisoning political opponents because Putin doesn’t want a “fair political fight.”

Putin turned the tables and reminded Scott of the political opponents who went to Congress “with political demands” on January 6 and now “400 people” are facing criminal charges and imprisonment.

For bringing up the people held in jail without bail for the January 6 melee, Behar accused Putin of engaging in “whataboutism” and acting like a “jerkoff.”

But then the discussion pivoted to Joe Biden’s testy reaction to CNN’s Kaitlan Collins’ question at the end of his press conference.

And how did Joy Behar respond to Biden’s outburst?

With a little “whataboutism.”

Behar immediately offered up montage video of Donald Trump snapping at reporters during pressers. Because apparently Joy Behar engaging in whataboutism doesn’t make her a jerkoff.

It was Meghan McCain who pointed out Behar’s lack of self-awareness, explaining that just because Trump treated reporters that way doesn’t make it okay for Biden to do the same.

McCain went on to say consistency would be good, adding that if that had been Trump snapping at Kaitlan Collins, the hens from The View would be “screaming at the top of our lungs” over it.

Meghan McCain should know that expecting consistency from Joy Behar is a sucker’s bet.